Deadlifts (You’re Doing It Wrong)


The Man-Maker, the King of all Exercises, the Lift of the Gods, the Only Exercise You Should Be Doing – these are just a few of the nicknames given to this “beast” of an exercise known as the deadlift.

It’s both simple and technical. To deadlift, you pick up the barbell off of the floor, stand up straight, and put it back down. There’s the simple part. The technical part is that you need to maintain a neutral spine, position your scapulae slightly in front of the bar, maintain a vertical path during the lift, and determine whether a sumo-stance or conventional-stance is better-suited for your anthropometry.

People like this dude understand both the simple and technical parts of the deadlift.

That’s a 700-lb deadlift with nearly flawless technique. I’m assuming he’s performing near or at his 1-rep-maximum for the deadlift since this is at a competition. Even then, his form is great. Like I said, this guy “understands” what’s necessary to perform the deadlift correctly.

Then you’ve got geniuses who understand the simple aspect of the deadlift, but not the technical aspect.

This is the rapper Drake performing deadlifts. Notice how his back is rounded the entire-time, even during his set-up. Also, he bounces the weight off of the floor for each consecutive rep. Somebody get him a strength coach who’ll properly teach him how to lift before he hurts himself!!!

With that said, don’t deadlift like a rapper who apparently doesn’t know what he’s doing.

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