Sandbag Training (You’re Doing It Wrong)

For years, men (and women) have been getting leaner, bigger, faster, stronger, and more conditioned without being distracted by the latest “trend” in fitness. They lifted heavy stuff, ran fast, hoisted their bodyweight around, and ate well – it’s all hard work, but it creates results for these alphas.

So, how about these “trends” I make mention to? Who participates in those? Well, these fitness trends pop up every so often claiming to conceive some “revolutionary” style of working out. These fads prey on the overweight, out-of-shape lay person who doesn’t know any better but to believe in the hype – “lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks, 5 minutes a day!!!”

Those bastards.

I felt the need to talk about fitness fads today because I’m looking at different types of training – sandbag training caught my eye, particularly. What’s so great about sandbags is that you’re lifting and carrying around an object that’s large, unstable, and heavy. That 100-lb bag of sand feels much heavier than 100 lbs!

With sandbag training, you perform basic exercises, along with a few variations. Deadlifts, squats, power cleans, presses, loaded carries/walks, and so on. Here’s an example of what a sandbag workout should look like:

Zach Even-Esh is the man, by the way. His intensity is both awesome and scary at the same time.

Anyway, good ol’ mainstream fitness “experts” have decided they want to use this kind of training their next “über-cool Brazilian-butt-lift exercise thing”. Check this stupidity out.

“Oh man, my hot pink sandbag is giving me a killer workout as a swing it around my head!” You like those ergonomic “handles”, too? It’s all “modernized” to chisel your six-pack abs.

You can get one of these awesome-looking sandbags online for $90!

Sandbag training.
That’s right, folks! For 90 bucks, you can get your hot pink sandbag, and fill it with up to a whopping 30 POUNDS of sand (that you buy on your own)! So extreme!

Or, you can not be an idiot, buy a G.I. laundry bag for $5, buy a 50-lb bag of pea gravel for another $5, get some contractor bags and zip-ties for another few more dollars, and make your own sandbag. Sorry, it won’t have cute little handles though. At least I won’t be laughing at you when you hoist around your non-idiotic sandbag.

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