Increase Testosterone and Get Heart Disease?

Let me tell you one of the easiest ways to increase your natural production of testosterone.

It’s by eating saturated fat and cholesterol. Simple as that.

Need proof? This study finds a positive correlation between saturated-fat-intake and testosterone levels, as well as cholesterol-intake and testosterone levels. It’s awesome stuff, honestly. Just make sure you get enough of those nutrients, and you’re set.

A vial of testosterone.Yummy, yummy testosterone..

But wait… what about heart disease? Don’t cholesterol and saturated fat increase your risk of dying from heart disease? The American Heart Association says saturated fat and cholesterol will clog your arteries, right?

It’s your choice – low testosterone or heart disease. It’s the ultimate catch-22.

Well, fortunately, it isn’t.

You know why? Because I believe the notion that “cholesterol and saturated fat cause heart attacks” is a myth. A lie. Junk. Libel.

That’s because there’s an 8-year study, involving almost 50,000 women that finds NO CORRELATION between heart disease, and the consumption of fats. I’m assuming cholesterol-intake is also implied, because high-fat foods, such as meat or eggs, have significant amounts of cholesterol.

Another study finds “no relationship between egg intake and coronary heart disease incidence.” Alright, is that all I’ve got to back up my claim that saturated fat and cholesterol don’t cause heart disease?

Nope, and I saved the best for last. A study of an 88-year-old man, who consumed TWENTY-FIVE EGGS PER DAY, on average (which is 1550% of the RDA for cholesterol), showed not only that he had excellent health, but provided the researches more insight on how the body deals with excess dietary cholesterol.

So, shall we stop the hysteria, and carry on with our eggs for breakfast and red meat for dinner? I’m sure we’d all like to keep enjoying healthy levels of testosterone, too. Don’t worry, our hearts will be fine.

Sometimes, you CAN bake your cake and eat it, too.

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