Overcoming Urges

One of the worst feelings in the world is being bored and having urges to do something unhealthy, just because your mind isn’t occupied.

For me, it’s pigging out on junk food. For others, it might be smoking, or drinking, or so on.

Now, there are different methods and programs that one can follow to overcome addictive-habits, but I for one have discovered something that works for me.

That thing is walking. We all know the benefits of walking. However, in this case, it does two things for the mind and body…

One – it provides a distraction from the urges.

Two – it provides a release for pent-up energy.

Getting into the habit of walking whenever I get the urge to eat mindlessly definitely helps – that is, when I get into the habit of it. To make changes, we’ve got to stop thinking and start doing.

It’s time for me to go on a walk. I can sit on my butt all morning, writing about how to fight bad habits, but nothing will change unless I get up and walk out of the door!

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