Staying Healthy Is Easier than Getting Healthy

A healthy body is like an efficient manufacturing-plant. Each of the individual processes (in the body and the plant) are occurring in-sync and at the proper rates. There are no hiccups in the system, so everyone is happy – the CEOs who own the plant, and you, the owner of your body.

Or, what if a healthy body is like a properly navigated ship? The boat (and the body) are traversing through an external environment filled of obstacles and choices, and its navigator simply wants to make it back in one piece.

Screw it. A healthy body is like an efficient manufacturing plant that sits on top of a properly navigated ship! Sounds complicated, right? You bet it does!

Rock balancing.

BRB, balancing rocks.

All it really turns out to be is one crazy balancing act. Seriously. Just let everything line up perfectly.. time everything properly.. get every detail correct.. and VOILÀ! You’ve got one well-oiled machine. By that, I mean, your body is running the way it should, and the crazy manufacturing-plant-on-a-boat-navigating-white-waters idea is actually working out okay.

Imagine what would happen if just ONE process were to go wrong during that plant/boat gig? What if one of the plant’s workers dozed off for a second by accident? What if the boat’s navigator led it into rocky waters? Chaos will ensue – that’s what will happen.

You’ve got piece in the entire system that screws up, and you know what? That’s going to eventually affect the ENTIRE SYSTEM in a bad way. One manufacturing process if backed up because one worker got lazy, thus diverting the attention to the rest of the workers who should be focusing on their own work, but are stuck trying to fix the current issue – then, every other process slows down. Or, the ship’s hull hits rocks in the river, causing the navigator to panic and try to quickly correct the ship’s path – meanwhile, the ship’s hull is falling apart, requiring some of the manufacturer’s workers to fix it on the spot, again diverting their much-needed attention from their original job to something else.

That’s some crazy stuff, man! Thank God nothing like this plant-on-a-boat idea actually exists in real life.

Unfortunately, it does.

Like I said before, the plant-on-a-boat theme represents your health. It’s delicate. It’s complicated. It’s difficult.

Imagine being in perfect health today. Right now. Everything’s fine, life’s good. Now, imagine going to the gym and working out. Your mind is somewhere else, and you’re just busting out reps of different exercises mindlessly. you don’t care, as long as you break into a sweat to stay in shape.

But, uh-oh, you’ve just messed up on an exercise, and now you’ve sprained your wrist. You’ve decided to try to work through the pain, and it only gets worse. So, you’ve cut-back on certain movements, and stick to the basics. Later on, your workout-routine has taken a backseat to the rest of the crap you’ve got to deal with in life. So has your diet. A few months later, you’ve realized you’ve put on 20 lbs., and your wrist hasn’t gotten better. Now, you’ve started working out intensely on exercises that don’t hurt, and largely cut back your calories. Things have been going great, until you’ve started having trouble sleeping. It’s hard to get out of bed, but even harder to fall asleep at night. You’ve been so stressed to the point of binging on junk-food to make you feel better. You’ve gotten sleeping pills from your doc, but those make you constipated as hell. This has gotten you interested in those fancy “detox” supplements. After taking one, you’ve suffered side-effects from the supplements that land you in the hospital. Heart attack. RIP.

See? Maintaining health is just like maintaining an operating manufacturing plant while navigating on a boat – it’s an extreme balancing act. Once you’ve fallen off, you’ve got to deal with the consequences of falling off and, at the same time, worry about getting back up AND about everything else that still requires your attention.

No need to fret, though. The more you arm yourself with knowledge – the knowledge of what to eat and how to move, for example – the better-suited you are at maintaining that balance. That is, you’ll be less likely to fall off, and more likely to get back up quickly if you’ve fallen.

In my case, I injured my wrist four years ago, and have continued to fall down hill only up until recently (and no, I didn’t get hospitalized – haha). I did overcome the pain after two years, as well as establish the strength to carry heavy objects with a neutral/static grip, but it’s taken me FOUR WHOLE YEARS to be able to perform dynamic exercise with my wrists. FOUR WHOLE YEARS just to do wrist curls and wrist extensions with pink dumbbells, without my wrist joints dislocating and grinding. You don’t want to know the laundry-list of ills I’ve dealt with in that time-span.

With that said, staying healthy is easier than getting healthy.

As for next time, learn how to perform power-cleans before you do them with weight.. unless you want to have busted-wrists like mine.

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