Man Boobs and Plastic

Are we first-world men becoming girly?

Instead of brawling it out, are members of the male race “working things out” while going to shop at the candle store at the mall? WHAT’S HAPPENING TO US?!

Man boobs and a sandwich.

We’re becoming women!!!

Just kidding. I mean, if you’re totally into hanging out with the bros while shopping for scented candles, that’s all okay to me.

Now, there is discussion regarding societal-feminization amongst first world nations, as well as the blurring of gender roles, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about today.

The focus of this post is to shed some light on the physiological-feminization of the people of modern nations.

What does this all mean? To grossly-generalize it: men are becoming more feminine and women are becoming even more feminine through hormonal changes, and this is happening more commonly in developed nations.

People becoming more feminine? Huh?

Essentially, what causes differentiation between genders is hormones. What allows women to be women is the hormone estrogen, and what allows men to be men is testosterone. Both genders have both hormones circulating in their bodies, but it’s the predominance of testosterone in men and estrogen in women that helps set the two genders apart physiologically.

Now if men were to somehow increase their levels of estrogen, they would be on their way to changing their gender. For the readers who don’t live under a rock, I’m sure sex-change is a topic that’s neither unfamiliar nor taboo. A major part of the regimen men use to aid their sex-change is taking pharmaceutical estrogen. Not only is ingesting estrogen the go-to “treatment”, but it’s considered “acceptably safe over the short and medium term”.

“But, most guys don’t take estrogen! How are we still becoming women!” Simple. Remember how I was saying this phenomena is happening in developed nations? Take a look at the food in your local supermarket. EVERYTHING is packaged in some sort of plastic. That’s because all of that stuff’s been harvested miles and miles away (most likely in a different country), and needed to be stored and transported properly to prevent spoilage. Plastic packaging helps with that. It also gives us adorable little portions that are priced evenly and fairly.

How about an under-developed African village? What’s their food look like at the, err, market? Most likely sitting in a basket or on a wooden table, unpackaged, fresh as can be since it was probably harvested/slaughtered on that same day on the other side of the village.

What do those remote village markets have on our supermarkets? Their food isn’t poisoned with xenoestrogens. What the hell is a xenoestrogen, you say? It’s estrogen that’s foreign to the body, meaning that it’s not an estrogen that was synthesized inside us. They’re chemical compounds that imitate estrogen once inside of our bodies.

The only reason our food contains xenoestrogens is because of the damn plastic. For example, Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is one offending-chemical that’s been made infamous in recent years. BPA comes from certain plastics, and food tends to “leech” it from plastic. Many, many, many studies have been performed over the years on BPA’s effects on the body, and it’s only one type of xenoestrogen!

Tupperware and xenoestrogens.

Giving you man boobs, one container at a time.

Aside from all of the physiological issues listed in the previous link, do you know what’s one evident result of our xenoestrogen-laden foods? Gynecomastia. Man-boobs. The swelling and development of tissues within the pectoral region of men. And it’s on the rise.

There you have it, people.  Modernization and conveniences that truly make our liveseasier also make us, well, womanly!  Isn’t that such a catch-22? Makes you want to go out and hunt for your meat and gather your vegetables, doesn’t it?!


No plastic, no man boobs!!!

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