“I Can’t Lose Weight”

Is that true? Or you TRULY unable to lose weight? Or are you lying to yourself?
If you count calories, and, let’s say, you swear you’re eating 1500 calories and burning off 3000 calories a day… But, for some reason, you’re not losing weight…

Obese male.

“I swear, I’m in a 1500-calorie-deficit but I’m not losing weight!”

If this is happening to you, one of three things is the reason why:

1. You’re a human capable of photosynthesis. I suggest you hide from the government before they kidnap you for experimentation.

2. You’re metabolism has “slowed down”. No, it didn’t “slow down” in the sense you’re solely burning less calories. It slowed down to the point where you’re body is barely able to function. If this is true, how the hell are you able to sit upright on a chair and read my blog?

3. You’re actually consuming more than 1500 calories and/or burning less than 3000 calories a day. A caloric deficit NEEDS to be brought back to neutral somehow, and that’s usually by using the body’s fuel reserves. If you’re not losing weight, you’re lying to yourself.

A talented coach and an acquaintance of mine, by the name of Matt Schifferle, cuts through the crap and gives his readers a better perspective on the whole “calories in, calories out” ordeal. The link will take you to his blog post and three short YouTube videos that explain this idea of “burning calories”. You can check out the rest of his website at reddeltaproject.com.

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