Increase the Deadlift Without Deadlifting

Heavy deadlifting.

Why do you deadlift?

For greater strength? Larger muscles? Improved athleticism? Better health? Or because you love the deadlift?

The deadlift, without a doubt, can be a benefit in the pursuit of these goals.

But for certain folks, deadlifting sessions leave them beat up and worn out, even when approached carefully.

If you truly care about the deadlift but cannot … Continue reading

The Dead Hang Challenge: Part 1

dead hang

Our existence is not still.

Hardly anything on the face of this is stays stationary. Even mountains, which appear immovable and fixed, are susceptible to alterations in the long-run.

The human body is a dynamic, ever-changing entity. It is in a state of constant interaction with the environment and subsequent adaptation.

Like water – deformable, fluid, and free-flowing.

This attribute … Continue reading