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  1. Hey mark, i was reading a post by you about the ecu subluxation. I’m currently doing prolotherapy by caring medical for snapping triceps and splinting it. Do you think prolotherapy works for this type of injury

  2. Greetings my friend, in these days i Deal with this fucked Snapping Tricep syndrome tried to work with la crosse ball and vodoo floss bands but Same shit as ist was. I would really like to read you Book but everytime i Go to the shop its unaviable. Could you help me to get a copy? Best greets from Germany. Praying everyday to God to get this shit away.

  3. Pirasan PB Bhaskaran

    Hi Mark,

    I read your blog on how you got through snapping tricep syndrome and ulnar nerve subluxation. Just wanted to clarify, but did you have ulnar nerve subluxation in the past and you don’t have it anymore without non-surgical procedures? I have ulnar nerve subluxation and everything is pointing towards surgery but I want to have that as a last option. If you said that it’s possible to stop it from happening without surgery then I want to give it my all.

    Thank you so much,


    • Pirasan,

      First, sorry for the delay.

      Second, I did have subluxating ulnar nerve and now I no longer have it. I occasionally have a triceps tendon snap, but that is uncommon, and without any ulnar nerve involvement.

  4. Hallo again my friend still interested in your Snapping Elbow E Book where can i buy it?

  5. Hey Mark,

    Im just wanting to touch bass and see if you ended up sticking with the hanging protocol or if you’ve come across anything else thats helped with your shoulder?

    Im 6 months into impingement treatments, pretty much as you described to the letter… my rotator cuff is probably stronger than my biceps at this point!

    I’ve come a long way but the deep muscle pain and the “clunk” when bench pressing remain 🙁
    cheers mate!

    • Hey Trent,

      I took a break from it to try other stuff. I found that straight arm pulls (Ys, Ts, Is) have helped me gain a little more stability and reduced the sensation of clunking. My end range for extension is complete crap, so this may be a clue …

      I plan on going back in the next week or so. I can’t seem to stick to the damn protocol lol.

  6. Hello, I’m currently getting prolotherapy by caring medial for snapping triceps syndrome, thoughts?

    • Hey buddy, I’ve been away and my website went down so I couldn’t approve your comment until now.

      My thoughts? If there’s ulnar nerve involvement and the cubital tunnel sheath is damaged (and that’s what they’re treating), then I can definitely see how it would improve.

      If it’s only for the triceps tendon / muscle, I’m not sure.

      I can, however, speak highly of Caring Medical, as they’ve put prolotherapy on the forefront. I’ve had success with it (at another provider) with other issues. Their expertise has got to be solid.

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