Power To The People by Pavel Tsatsouline – My Review

Pavel’s Evil Russian Techniques Make You STRONGER

I discovered Pavel Tsatsouline over a year ago when just starting out with kettlebells. What I found out was this Eastern European dude is the one responsible for introducing this awesome tool to North America. I have to say, we’re all indebted to him for his work.

This former Soviet (originally from Latvia) … Continue reading

Unilateral vs. Bilateral Training – Is the Squat Dead?

Do you perform “functional exercise” and laugh at those working on the conventional back squat, or are you on old school weight lifter who thinks the guy doing split-squats is a sissy?

Today, we’re going to talk about unilateral exercises vs. bilateral exercises and figure out which one is the superior form of exercise.

This whole debate was ignited when … Continue reading

Strengthening Joints – Is It Possible?

Strengthening joints.

How Do I Strengthen My Joints?

Numerous people in this country are stricken with debilitating joints pain, whether it’s because of lumbar disk herniation, chronic joint dislocations, partial ligament tears, or plain ol’ osteoarthritis. We are an aching nation, and the medical and pharmaceutical industries only offer “band-aid” solutions, such as pain medications or ice-packs. Now, is it even possible … Continue reading

Are Raw Eggs Safe To Eat?

Raw eggs and salmonella.

Can You Get Sick From Raw Eggs?

Delicious, delicious eggs – I love them. They packed with protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Remember, though, that everyone says to cook them well, or you’ll risk getting sick from them. Remember, raw eggs carry the risk of salmonella contamination. Well, conventional wisdom isn’t always right, and let me tell you why I … Continue reading

Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance – My Review

Back Pain, Lumbar Spine Injuries, and Dr. Stuart McGill

The CDC reports that, yearly, 30% of American adults suffer from back pain. As prevalent as pain, disk herniations, sciatica, and other back injuries are, there really is no guaranteed fix. Many therapies and modalities offer a “cure”, but, so far none have actually been seen to actually remedy … Continue reading