Diet and Obsession

Obese male.

What’s Worse – French Fries or Crack Cocaine?

If there was one thing I can admit to not liking about myself, it would be the fact that I have an addictive personality.

I can find myself something that feels good – a new hobby, for example – and obsess over it until I’m bored with it. I literally milk all … Continue reading

Overpronation – An Over-Rated Condition


In my last blog post, I mentioned overpronation being a factor for causing heel pain.

The thing is, overpronation is a catch-all diagnosis that runners are given when they experience injuries due to poor running mechanics. Instead of focusing on fixing running technique, doctors/PTs/shoes-salesmen tell others that they’ve got the dreaded overpronation, like it’s some sort of disease that needs … Continue reading