The Incredible Regenerative Body


Doctors like to tell their injured patients to give up on their sport and “take up swimming.” Today, I’ll show you why you should backhand doc in the face if he’s ever said those words to you.


ACL tears, osteoarthritis, blown lumbar disks, tendinosis… things that no mentally-capable lifter wants to experience. Unfortunately, bad things … Continue reading

About Crossfit – Part 4

Curb Stomp.

The Debauchery Continues… Gag Orders and Ruling with an Iron Fist, Crossfit-Style

Time for another installment of “About Crossfit”. Last time, we covered Crossfit’s tendency to turn its participants into peeps who think they’re too cool for school. Today, we’ll look at how the masterminds of this movement will squash anyone who speaks out against them, no matter how legitimate … Continue reading

The Importance of Counting Calories

Nachos and cheese.

Counting Calories – Should You Measure Your Meals?

(The following article is from my other website, It’s the site for my local coaching business.)

In the circles of the health-obsessed, there is debate whether or not one should have to count their calories as to lose, gain, or maintain weight. The task of tracking your calories is tedious and … Continue reading

About Crossfit: Part 3

Crossfit and elitism.

Crossfit: Forging Elite Snobbery

I’ve written up two different pieces on Crossfit last year, and decided that I want to keep the ball rolling. I REALLY want to let you guys know how the hell I feel about Crossfit. As controversial of a movement that it is, I truly believe it deserves the criticism and scrutiny it’s been receiving for … Continue reading

Minimalist Strength Training

Strongman - minimalist strength training.

Minimalist Strength Training, or, How to Get Strong with a Handful of Exercises

There are plenty of reasons why someone may not be able to perform a large array of movements in their strength-training routine. Two of the most common reasons are “not enough money for equipment or a good gym membership” and “not enough time to spend all day … Continue reading

First and Foremost, Strength

Arthur Saxon

The Most Important Physical Attribute

Strength (noun): physical power; the capacity of an object to withstand great force; the emotional/mental qualities necessary in dealing with situations that are difficult. (Taken from Google’s definition of the word).

A vague yet critical word, is what strength is. From the definition given, one can safely say that strength is an important quality to … Continue reading

Spinal Decompression – Gravity Hates Your Back

Tension vs. compression

Lengthening That Spine

Walking, sitting, standing, deadlifting, squatting, shopping, driving, painting, reading… What do all of these activities have in common?

At first glance, it looks like there’s no common denominator amongst the entire list. Right? I mean, look at it – it’s a mish-mash of unrelated crap. However, I am going to tell you that there is one common … Continue reading