Why Strength is Important for Athletes

strength for athletes - dwain chambers

Strength for Athletes, because a Weak Athlete is a Poor Athlete

Committed athletes – I’m talking high school and collegiate – do plenty to improve themselves in their respective sport. They always show up for practice. They play in the off-season leagues to stay sharp. They treat themselves with the best equipment within their budget. They eat like a horse-and-a-half.

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Keep On Squatting

Benefits of the squat - Paul Anderson.

A History of the Back Squat and How the Squat Benefits You

Remember your first time performing the squat?

It was that awkward excursion in the weight room where you tried to squat. What really happened was that you kind of bent your knees and rounded over with a barbell on your back, and stood back up with it. It … Continue reading

Keep On Deadlifting

history of the deadlift

A History of the Deadlift and How the Deadlift Benefits You

The deadlift… a combination of hip extension, lumbar erector isometrics, static grip strength, and intestinal fortitude. Is it the king of all movements or an over-rated exercise in futility? Does this lift deserve the awesome reputation it’s been given, or will it ruin your back?

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Keep On Pressing Overhead

Klokov - overhead press vs bench press.

A History of the Overhead Press vs. the Bench Press and How the Overhead Press Benefits You

The bench press has been a long-time favorite for lifters in the Western world.

According to some, your chest hair ain’t worth squat if you can’t bench more than your bodyweight for reps. Hell, this attitude is even pervasive in non-lifters. I was … Continue reading

Building Grip Strength for MMA

Destroy the Competition in MMA with a Powerful Grip

The early 90s saw the popularization of mixed martial arts with the debut of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Now known as the UFC, this organization is responsible for what MMA is today – brutal, effective, and exciting to watch.

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How to Become a Bulgarian Training “Death Machine”

bulgarian training

Using High-Frequency Bulgarian-Style Strength Training to Dominate

The following is an excerpt from my free strength training program, Anchor-Forging Linear Progression. It is a chapter dedicated to a variation of the program titled “AFLP Death Machine.” The purpose of this variation is to increase a trainee’s work capacity, which in-turn increases recovery, strength, size, … Continue reading