Another Fat Burning Tool?

A burning fire.

Have you ever picked up a health magazine in the store nowadays and read what’s on the cover?

“Get your SUMMER ABS in 6 WEEKS!” “Lose TEN POUNDS in TEN MINUTES a day!” “How to train and LOOK like an Olympian!”

Any reading material you pick up promises you amazing results in little time.

With that said, high-intensity interval-training, or … Continue reading

What Is Lordosis

Ever had some lingering pain in your back that seemed to come out of nowhere?  Do people tell you to “straighten your back” frequently? Do you not move around as well as you once did? If any of this applies to you, please continue reading to learn about a complex yet common muscular deficiency that people suffer from.

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One More Reason To Squat

Arnold Schwarzeneggar.


Who doesn’t love the surge of post-workout testosterone, the tissue hypertrophy, the fat burning, and the overall increase in strength from this single exercise? I mean, Schwarzenegger sure loved squatting…

As if we didn’t have enough reasons to do it already, here’s one more reason to squat…

Squats Can Immediately Display Any Muscle Imbalances You Have.

Let me … Continue reading