Why I Like Bodyweight Training

Navy sailors doing pushups.

Getting Stronger With Bodyweight Exercises

Up until recently, I thought there was no other way of getting strong and healthy than to lift barbells.

There are two kings of the strength world – the squat and the deadlift. How could you possibly replicate these two lifts without barbells? Continue reading

Increase Testosterone and Get Heart Disease?

A vial of testosterone.

Let me tell you one of the easiest ways to increase your natural production of testosterone.

It’s by eating saturated fat and cholesterol. Simple as that.

Need proof? This study finds a positive correlation between saturated-fat-intake and testosterone levels, as well as cholesterol-intake and testosterone levels. It’s awesome stuff, honestly. Just make sure you get enough of those … Continue reading

Deadlift or Squat?

The squat.


The primordial act of picking up heavy things.


The primordial act of lowering one’s body closer to the Earth, and then pushing away.

Apparently squats are king. Or is it deadlifts? Honestly, who knows. Maybe we can decide which deserves the title after we take a closer look at the details of each lift.

Let’s see why both Continue reading

Overcoming Urges

"No smoking" sign.

One of the worst feelings in the world is being bored and having urges to do something unhealthy, just because your mind isn’t occupied.

For me, it’s pigging out on junk food. For others, it might be smoking, or drinking, or so on.

Now, there are different methods and programs that one can follow to overcome addictive-habits, but I for … Continue reading