Regulation of the Fitness Industry – Necessary?

In the good ol’ USA, all it takes to become a personal trainer is to study for a few weeks and pass an exam, giving someone a certification that labels them as a “certified personal trainer”. The low-barrier of entry, lifestyle, and technically unlimited earning potential make this field an attractive yet saturated market. Unfortunately, it’s popularity and ease-of-entry make … Continue reading

Sometimes You Go to Jail – Getting Stronger without Equipment

pistol squat

It’s 3am, you’re in bed, and something goes “bump” in the night. You might as well check to make sure someone isn’t breaking-and-entering. As you go downstairs, you are blinded by white lights and barraged with screams of “on the ground, NOW!” Boom. You’ve been raided and arrested for selling coke by weight. Now you’re going to jail.

Instead of … Continue reading