Mastering the Deadlift – Part 7 – Strength During Fat Loss

Heavy deadlifting.

It’s been a while since I posted about my progress with the deadlift, so I figured I’d write a more casual post this week (don’t worry, a more informative and interesting article will be up tomorrow). For this installment of Mastering the Deadlift, I’d like to discuss my experiences with strength gains on a cut.

Getting Stronger on a Caloric … Continue reading

The Best Training Parameters to Strengthen Joints

Bodyweight exercises in the snow.

In an effort to save humanity from the perils of joint pain, osteoarthritis, hypermobility, and ligament tears, I’m embarking on the journey to figure out what is the best damn training program to strengthen one’s joints.

The Universal Solution for Strengthening Joints… Movement!

Let’s start out with the obvious. Can someone who’s a couch potato pull off the same feats … Continue reading

Joint Hypermobility is a BS Diagnosis

BS - Joint hypermobility is BS

Ligaments – the glue/ stitches/ cement that hold the surfaces of bones together to form a joint. Without ligaments, our bodies would be spasmodic, unstable sacks of flesh that would fall apart at any time.

Without these collagenous structures, our joints would lose their unique movement characteristics and glide in every single direction. Knees would bend laterally, fingers would rotate … Continue reading