The Incredible Regenerative Body


Doctors like to tell their injured patients to give up on their sport and “take up swimming.” Today, I’ll show you why you should backhand doc in the face if he’s ever said those words to you.


ACL tears, osteoarthritis, blown lumbar disks, tendinosis… things that no mentally-capable lifter wants to experience. Unfortunately, bad things … Continue reading

About Crossfit – Part 4

Curb Stomp.

The Debauchery Continues… Gag Orders and Ruling with an Iron Fist, Crossfit-Style

Time for another installment of “About Crossfit”. Last time, we covered Crossfit’s tendency to turn its participants into peeps who think they’re too cool for school. Today, we’ll look at how the masterminds of this movement will squash anyone who speaks out against them, no matter how legitimate … Continue reading