Is the Bench Press Overrated?

Bench press.

Bench Press – Is It the Ultimate Test of Strength, or an Overrated Tradition?

If you’ve lift weights before or are on a strength program currently, chances are you’ve performed the bench press. It is quintessential “lift” of mainstream strength training. Everyone KNOWS the bench press.

The bench press is world-renown. Just take a look at the sport of powerlifting … Continue reading

Should We “Balance” Muscle Groups?

Muscular Imbalances

If you were to strengthen your biceps – through biceps curls, rows, chin-ups, etc. – without strengthening your triceps, what would happen? Would your elbow become injured over time? Would your flexibility diminish? Would all hell break loose? Or, would your biceps simply just be stronger than your biceps, and that’s it?

Well, it’d certainly be interesting to … Continue reading