Reversing Osteoarthritis With One Simple Trick

Reversing osteoarthritis.

Reversing Osteoarthritis – but First, What is It?

Osteoarthritis – the disease so awesome that 22% of American adults have been diagnosed with it, says the CDC.

Well, what the hell is osteoarthritis anyway? Simply, it’s the degradation of the cartilage in your joints. The “padding” between your bones become worn out and painful. Sounds fun, right? No, … Continue reading

Low Reps vs. High Reps for Strengthening Tendons

What is the secret to maintaining youth and resilience? Easy. It’s movement.

If you move everyday, you will maintain and even improve your fitness. What happens when you put a limb in a cast for 3 months? That body-part gets weak – the muscles atrophy, it’s ability to feel and sense the environment is reduced, and it just feels “different.”

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Kettlebell Training (You’re Doing It Wrong)

You're Doing It Wrong

This week’s You’re Doing It Wrong is brought to you by incompetent personal trainers everywhere.

Because you’re not a “personal trainer” unless you’re wearing 2-inch-thick running shoes and do all of your workouts on a stability ball. Come on guys, it’s not functional without  stability ball. Thank you, Globo-Gym’s personal trainers, for giving us functional exercise.

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