Music While Working Out?

Do you guys blast music during your workout?

Does it give you the energy and intensity you need to tear up the WOD or your 3 sets of deadlifts?

I’ve got a question for you. WHY do you listen to music while you work out?

Is it really to “pump you up”, or is it for another reason? Maybe, you subconsciously decide to blast music during your lifting session because you want a distraction – that’s right, a distraction.

Your brain knows that this next Crossfit WOD (which happens to be Fran, as RX’d?) or this next set of 20 breathing squats IS GOING TO HURT LIKE HELL. The feeling of lactic acid building up in your muscles, coupled with fatigue and burning lungs, is like no other – and your brain is well aware of that. So maybe that’s why your turn up the music? Maybe it’s a way of disconnecting your mind and your body.

If you’re in a “now or never” situation and you’re going to undergo some pain, you’ve go to do whatever you’ve go to do to survive. Why the hell wouldn’t you try to dissociate and block the pain out of whatever you’re going to experience? But when it comes to training, I say that’s a lousy idea. I say “screw it, SEEK THE PAIN.”

No, don’t go masochistic on me. I just challenge you to actively seek out and confront the pain. Experience it. Live it.

There are TWO situations that your body will shut off pain. First, is during a fight-or-flight response, and this is basically life-or-death. Second, is during death. Pain – fatigue, soreness, exhaustion, and breathlessness – is a wonderful sign that you’re still alive. Enjoy it while you can.

When you focus on your body, take advantage of the kinesthetic-awareness you develop as you pay more and more attention to your body while you move, and less and less on your environment. During that time under tension, everything should be about YOU – where your body’s positioned, how you feel, and so on.


If you want to block-out some of the distracting noise at your gym, consider buying ear plugs. Call me a loser, but I’ll totally pop in some skin-colored, discrete ear plugs in public if my environment’s just too noisy. Where I workout is no exception.

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