Who’s Responsible for You?

Who’s responsible for you?

Your parents? Your children? Your spouse? Your government?

When some breaks into your house, who’s going to protect you?

When your house is on fire, who’s going to pull you out of it?

When you sprain your ankle, who’s going to rehab it?

When you’re going out to eat, who’s going to tell you the restaurant serves stale food?

When you’ve got the cold, who’s going to nurse you back to health?

When you and 35% of people on this Earth are overweight, who’s going to get you in shape?

When the government tells you to consume 11 servings of pasta per day, who’s going to tell you that is horrible dietary advice?

When the government now tells you to eat just a little less bread and pasta, who’s going to tell you that is STILL horrible dietary advice?

When agricultural lobbying groups have been the determining the government’s dietary guidelines, who’s going to inform you about this shit-storm of greed?

When obesity rates have been skyrocketing since 1980, around the time the government began introducing guidelines for diet, who’s going to get it through your head that conventional dietary knowledge is false?

Seriously, who’s finally going to tell you what to eat?

A sign that says "responsibility".

You can HOPE that someone will watch out for you. You can HOPE that someone’s got your back. You can HOPE that someone will keep you safe and healthy.

But… you will KNOW that you’re safe, secure, and healthy when you decide to take matters into your own hands. Do the research. Read books and articles, left and right. Watch. Learn. Listen. At least at that point, you’ve got no one else to blame but yourself.

It’s time to become responsible. Self-sufficient. Self-reliant.

“Trust thyself.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay Self-Reliance.

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