Who’s Responsible for You?

A sign that says "responsibility".

Who’s responsible for you?

Your parents? Your children? Your spouse? Your government?

When some breaks into your house, who’s going to protect you?

When your house is on fire, who’s going to pull you out of it?

When you sprain your ankle, who’s going to rehab it?

When you’re going out to eat, who’s going to tell you the restaurant … Continue reading

How Do You Get Back Pain

Ever hear someone say “gahhh, I threw my back out again”?

My bet is you probably have. It’s a funny little saying people use to say lament over their back injuries. But how do people injure their backs? How do you get back pain? Can you really “throw” your back out?

Actually, you don’t really “throw” your back out – … Continue reading

About Crossfit

Puke bucket.

DISCLAIMER: This post may come across as libel or belittlement to the Crossfit community as whole. I want to make it clear that this is not the intent of my writing. I am simply critiquing certain dispositions of (some members/affiliates of) the Crossfit community I’ve seen. What I’ve seen, as well as my experiences with this program in particular, appears … Continue reading