Less Is More

Are any of you guys like me, where you frantically try to find a solution to a problem and go overkill on it once you find the solution?

For example, you sprain your wrist, and you aggressively “rehab” it with lots of stretching and strengthening, only to realize months later that your wrist was made even worse.

And if you get shoulder impingement suddenly? You take a long, long break from shoulder-related movement, allowing months to go by. Your pain is gone, but then you painfully find out that trying to do pushups again nearly dislocates your shoulders.

BOTH of these situations have happened to me. I know what it’s like to be neurotic and to take extremist approaches to situations.

Let me tell you something…

Time and time again, IT NEVER WORKS OUT.


Let me give you another example…

I went to the chiropractor the other day to get some ART and Graston-technique performed on my soft tissues. The doc took a look at me while I was standing with my shirt removed and told me “you gotta fix your posture, too.”

WHAT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I’ve been neurotically pushing my pelvis forward and keeping my back upright for the past few months, just to get told my posture still sucks? WTF?! I thought everyone, including myself, suffered from a hunched upper body and an over-arched butt that sticks the butt out. And I most certainly did. So I did the opposite, to “correct” myself.

Little did I know, I simply took it to the other extreme. Instead of having a anteriorly-tilted pelvis and excessive kyphosis, I had a posteriorly-tilted pelvis and hyper-extension of the upper back. (If you’re unsure of what I’m referring to, read my previous articles, and do some quick Googling.. all refer to the posture of the spine).

So Instead of being in neutral, I took myself from one extreme to the other extreme, neither being healthy for my spine. The doc told me my torso appeared to be falling backwards. That’s a complete opposite of what a hunched-over, kyphotic person looks.

Moral of the story here?


All of this over-analyzing and neuroticism WILL KILL YOU. It’s already done away with 50% of my life-span (just kidding), and I’m picking up the pieces as I’m learning to “let go”. Anxiety, constant worry, and total pre-occupation will only push you over the cliff, so to speak. That awesome exercise for lower back pain you found online WILL turn into another cause of your back pain if you obsessively perform it, and worry about whether or not it’s working, and *blah blah blah*,  and *more stressful gibberish*.

Do some Google-Fu and “research” in your odd spare-time if you’d like, but don’t let it consume you.

Obsessively “fixing yourself” all the time is bad. Worrying about it on top of that makes things worse.

I’ve figured out the consequences of neurotic-behavior the hard way.

Time for me to go worry about something else. Peace.

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