Keep On Squatting

Benefits of the squat - Paul Anderson.

A History of the Back Squat and How the Squat Benefits You

Remember your first time performing the squat?

It was that awkward excursion in the weight room where you tried to squat. What really happened was that you kind of bent your knees and rounded over with a barbell on your back, and stood back up with it. It … Continue reading

Keep On Deadlifting

history of the deadlift

A History of the Deadlift and How the Deadlift Benefits You

The deadlift… a combination of hip extension, lumbar erector isometrics, static grip strength, and intestinal fortitude. Is it the king of all movements or an over-rated exercise in futility? Does this lift deserve the awesome reputation it’s been given, or will it ruin your back?

A few years ago, … Continue reading